Rescue vs. Breeder Dogs

Benefits of a Rescue Dog

There are millions of dogs in the world and not enough people to take care of them all. Many end up in shelters or rescues. When you rescue you a dog, you are saving that dog’s life. If it weren’t for you adopting him, he would likely end up being euthanized. Most people report their rescue dog is no different than any high bred dog. Some rescue dogs are purebreds, while most are mutts. You can find any kind of dog you want on rescue dog websites.

Problems with a Rescue Dog

Rescue dogs usually have sketchy or abusive pasts. Sometimes this experience is too much for them, and they don’t adapt well to a more kind, caring life. There is too much damage. Some of these dogs can be unpredictable and fearful. Rescue organizations try to run behavioral tests to determine if a dog is going to have social problems, but they can’t catch everything. Rescue dogs are usually available for a low fee.

Benefits of a Breeder Dog

A breeder dog is a known quantity. The breeder will have or know the mother and the father of the dog you are looking to be. The temperament will be known as will the dog’s predicted adult size. If you want something very specific or want a particular breed, breeder dogs are the easiest solution.

Problems with a Breeder Dog

Most purebred dogs suffer from genetic disorders. Too many breeders have bred their dogs looking for specific qualities. This kind of tunnel vision breeding has led to make other unintended qualities being passed on to the next generation of puppies. Also a breeder dog is likely to be very expensive. The breeder will have invested a lot of money in both of the parents and in the care of the mother dog while she had her puppies. The breeder wants to recoup that investment, so they charge heavily for the puppies.

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