Raw Food Diet vs. Standard Food Diet

Raw Food Diet vs. Standard Food Diet

There is a new fad in canine cuisine. As you know, dogs are predators. They evolved to eat meat. Their digestive system and other body systems are designed to process meat. In an effort to make dog food easier to produce and to sell, people have introduced grains into the food to make dry kibble bits that are shelf stable and can be sold in large bags across the country. But many people are switching to a more natural dog food diet, one that contains mostly meat. These diets are called raw food diets.

Standard Food Diet

A standard food diet typically consists of dry dog kibble with varying ingredients. Most contain some form of grain and some form of meat products. But as I said above, dogs are not designed to process grains. So some dogs have allergies or react badly to diets that have certain types of grains in them. Some lines of standard dog food have been formulated to exclude certain types of grain. But all of them still contain some amount of grains.

Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet isn’t necessarily made of raw food. It can be cooked food. It’s just that the ingredients are not processed very much and there are no grains. A raw food diet contains some kind of meat, for example beef, poultry, pork, fish, or a game meat like elk. Raw food diets do integrate some vegetables like peas or carrots but never grains. Some dog breeds like German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes have digestive systems that are more like their wolf ancestors than modern dogs. Breeds like this do very well on raw food diets. They tend to have reactions to the standard diets that contain grains. Raw food diets are now pretty widely available at regular super markets and at pet stores.

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