Doberman Pincher


Doberman Pincher is originally from Germany. A tax collector with the last name of Dobermann created the breed to accompany him when he went around collecting taxes. Tax collecting was a dangerous job at that time, and the man had to travel through very tough areas where he was likely to be attacked. Doberman Pinchers weigh on average between 70 and 80 pounds. They have a short coat and come in two color varieties: black and tan and live and tan. People have found they can make the dog more intimidating looking by cropped their ears and docking their tails. Many animal advocacy groups are trying to get the practice abolished. It’s unnecessary and harmful to the dogs.


Doberman Pinchers are stereotyped as being very aggressive. Their original purpose was as a guard dog, so this makes sense. Doberman Pinchers were bred to be intimidating and willing to defend their owner, but also obedient enough to stop on command. Modern breeders have toned down the Doberman Pincher’s aggressive tendencies making modern Doberman Pinchers much more good-natured than their ancestors were. They are also very loyal and highly intelligent. Yet the Doberman Pincher is still ranked as more likely to show aggression towards strangers and other dogs. Although Doberman Pinchers are fantastic security dogs, they are mostly absent from the ranks of law enforcement. This is because the Doberman Pincher has a thin coat, and they do not do well in cold weather. They also don’t transition from one handler to another very easily.


Doberman pinschers do best in homes where they can be active and have their extreme intelligence used effectively. They generally show no aggression towards their owners or families, but may show aggression to strangers. A Doberman would not be a good choice for house were many different people come and go.

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