Best Crate for Small Dog

My little Chihuahua, Sport, needed a crate. When I got him, he was already a year old and did not know how to use a crate. I need to find a crate that he would be comfortable in and one that I could train him to use easily.

I got my small dog a open crate with a cover

I got Sport a wire crate with a canvas cover. The crate is very light and easy to lift even when Sport is in it. It took some time to teach him that the crate was a happy place to be, but now he loves it! He wasn’t sure about it for a while. But I kept feeding him in there and leaving the door open. Once he went in and out easily, I would shut the door for short amounts of time. And now he hops right in whenever I ask. Also when he gets scared, like during a thunder storm, he will run into my room and jump in his crate.

Considerations for a small dog crate

I considered getting Sport a hard sided crate, but I was worried he would feel too trapped. I also wanted the crate to be small enough for him to feel cozy, but not so small that he would feel claustrophobic. Picking the open crate with the removable cover was the perfect middle ground. I can put the cover on now that he is comfy with the crate. But when he was first learning to use it, I had the cover off so he could see out. The other great thing about this crate is that it is so light! I can easily pick it up and put it in the car. It’s also certified to go on airplanes and trains. I enjoy taking Sport on vacation with me, so it’s nice to be able to toss the crate in the car and off we go! Go buy your dog crate at They have the best dog crate reviews and dog crate buying guides.

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